Random Dungeon Generator – Command List

This is the list of all supported Commands. Read from the top through the end and check for mandatory command. Step 1: Base In the first step we chose the most fundamental algorithm to generate the base. $dungeonGenerator.prims() or $dungeonGenerator.randomWalk() Step 2: Maze Settings optional borderWidth (w)w: Number not below 0 Prims Settings When chosing […]

Procedural Random Dungeon Generator – Tutorial Part 2

In this tutorial we focus on another algorithms to generate dungeons: Those to create dungeons with large areas. Create more Snippets To draw those dungeons we first need some new snippets. Those to draw large areas, including edges, corners, inner corners Those to draw the connections between tunnels and areas, called Transitions Let’s create the […]

Procedural Random Dungeon Generator – Tutorial Part 1

Hi everyone, and welcome to this instruction to implement random generated dungeons in your RPG Maker project. As using this plugin is not plug and play as most other plugins out there, I recommend you to read every step carefully. I also recommend you to open my Demo project in the Maker when steps are […]